Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materials

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US $0.1-1.5 / Pieces | 100 Piece/Pieces Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materi (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materials
BK7, BK7, silicon, germanium,sapphire, BK7, BK7, silicon, germanium,sapphire
Infrared, Photoelectric device, Armarium, Teaching apparatus,etc.
Plano-convex, Flat-convex, flat-concave, double-concave, concave-convex
according to your requirements, concave, convex,flat
according to custom's requirements
N=2 , N=0.5 , B=40/20 , C=0.01
according to your requirements
according to your drawings
Surface quality:
60/40(according to your requirements)
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materi
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Package: Blister plate (100PCS/layer) for Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materials


Specific parameters

 Optical grade lenses Infrared fresnel lens bk7/k9 optical materials


1), Material: various optical glass.

2), Shape: concave, convex, flat, etc.

3),Type: Flat-convex lens, flat-concave lens, double-convex lens,
double-concave lens, etc

4), Usage: optical achromatic.

5), Structure: concave-convex.

6), Accuracy (the highest): N=2/ N=0.5
B=40/20; C=0.01


7),Specification: In accordance with the drawing, you can provide us your drawing,

      or you tell us the main parameters, then we will design the drawing and

      customize this lens for you.




MaterialBK7, BK7, silicon, germanium,sapphire
Sizeaccording to your requires
Thickness according to your requires
Diameter Tolerance±0.10 
Thickness Tolerance±0.2 mm
Aperture30% (per one surface)
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)60-40 (according to your requires)
 UsedImaging or Focusing  (according to your requires)
ShapePlano-convex (customized )
Clear aperture  >= 90%central of the diameter
Wavelengthaccording to your requires
CoatingUncoated (according to your requires)
Surface reflectance30% (per one surface)



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Product Description

Infrared lens, sometimes called IR lens, are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light. They are often used in devices with bright incandescent light bulbs (such as slide and overhead projectors) to prevent unwanted heating. There are also lens which are used in solid state (CCD or CMOS) video cameras to block IR due to the high sensitivity of many camera sensors to near-infrared light. These lens typically have a blue hue to them as they also sometimes block some of the light from the longer red wavelengths.



A single convex lens mounted on a frame with a handle or stand is a magnifying glass
Other uses of imaging systems such as monoculars, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, cameras and projectors. Some of these instruments produce a virtual image when applied to the human eye; others produce a real image that can be captured on photographic film or an optical Sensor, or can be viewed on a screen. In these devices lenses are medium paired up with curved mirrors to make a catadioptric system where the lens's spherical aberration corrects the opposite aberration in the mirror (such as Schmidt and meniscus correctors).

Convex slic produce an image of an object at infinity at their focus; if the sun is imaged, much of the visible and infrared light incident on the lens is concentrated into the small image. A large lens satisfied enough to burn a flammable object at The focal point can be achieved even with a poorly made lens, lenses have been used for burning at least 2400 years. A modern application is the use of spacing large energy to concentrate solar energy on the small Photovoltaic cells, harvesting more energy without the need to use larger and more expensive cells.

Radio astronomy and radar systems often use prev lenses antenna, into called a lens antenna to refract electromagnetic radiation into a collector antenna

Lenses can be scratched and abraded. Abrasion-resistant coatings are available to help control this

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